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Allegra in Three Parts by Suzanne Daniel



‘Suzanne has captured perfectly the innocence and empathy of Allegra’s voice, and her wish for harmony between the three people in her world she loves the most. We loved the beautifully drawn relationships between every character and how difficult it was for Allegra to negotiate her way around them. This book really tore at our heartstrings from start to finish.’
Lynne Main – Torquay Books VIC

‘Allegra’s navigation through life and the world around her touches upon a variety of social issues such as class, racism, multiculturalism, family bonds, identity, grief, loss, emotional resilience and the emerging women’s movement of the 70s. It’s gorgeous, heartfelt and will make you yearn for the simplicity of childhood.’
Taysa White-Borgelt – Book Face Books QLD

No doubt Allegra in Three Parts will fly off the shelves into book-club living rooms, where it will be admired for its imagination, political intent, and heart.
Should Australia's small cohort of male readers of literary fiction be bothered to give it a go, they, too, will find much to enjoy - some may even be changed.
One can only hope.
And one can be thankful for Suzanne Daniel's writing, which dares us to do exactly that: hope.

Nigel Featherstone
Canberra Times

Daniel pulls no punches in this emotional and insightful debut about working through family trauma and owning your power. An excellent choice for those interested in feminism, a bit of mystery, and a lot of heart-wrenching drama.


Allegra drew me into her life from the first page and I didn't want to leave. Funny, smart, tender and wise, this is a book to curl up with by the fire or basking on the beach. I loved it.

Liz Byrski
Author of 'A Month of Sundays'

A captivating debut… This novel is a quiet yet sincere story that slowly builds to its climax as its young narrator comes of age.

School Library Journal

The captivating Allegra leads a strong cast of characters...the era and its issues are beautifully evoked, but this is a universal coming-of-age story that is almost timeless. A delightful uplifting read.

Good Reading

An emotionally moving portrayal of the effects grief has on a family…. Debut author Daniel’s strength lies in the creation of complex characters.


For those who remember being young - with the added bonus of delightful descriptions about life in the 70s.

The Daily Telegraph

Stellar debut...a story of family, second-wave feminism, faither, friendship.

Marie Claire

The novel paints a nostalgic and alarming picture of women's lives and feminist activism in the '70s and pays homage to the fearless women, including iconic feminist Anne Summers, who established Australia's first women's refuge...I'd give it to any teenage girl as recommended reading.

The Sydney Morning Herald

Heartwarming...touching...funny...charming...the rise of feminist consciousness in the home is skilfully documented... Daniel's gift for authentic characters and her understanding of the way in which the past is tattooed on the present make this a delightfully thought-provoking romp.

The Weekend Australian

An Aussie story to cherish.

Queensland Times

A stunning coming-of-age debut.

Gold Coast Bulletin

“I've always thought that the best books are ones where you can turn the last page and think "this moved me" or "I really learnt something from reading this". Suzanne Daniel's outstanding debut did both for me.”
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Genie in a Book

"What can I say. I will borrow some words from Allegra 'I'm bowled over bloody astonished'. This book is all the H words - heartbreaking, heartwarming and hopeful."


Absolutely delightful! A charming insight to growing up in 70's Australia with subtle (and sometimes not so) nods to racism, domestic violence and other social constructs. Allegra is both adorable and heartbreaking in her perception of the adult world. I laughed, I cried...I want more!

Melanie Prosser
Manager, Berkelouw Books Paddington

“I just totally loved this book. There are so many layers and discussion points all within a beautiful, thoroughly Australian story. The best book I have read all year!”

Dymocks Albury

I think Suzie is a wonderfully engaging writer, and this manuscript is so accomplished for a debut. The cruel paradox of the family's crushing love for Allegra, but conflict with each other, literally damaging her heart, is breathtaking. And we get to take a joyous trip down the 70s' memory lane.

Cate Paterson
Publishing Director, Pan Macmillan

It's not just for children of the seventies, but a universal coming-of-age story with a strong sense of timelessness and timeliness that deeply affected me as a child of the nineties.

Danielle Walker
Senior Editor, Pan Macmillan

"I did initially take it into the bathtub for a ‘short’ read before organising my dinner and so forth, but was still there until I closed the last page nearly three hours later."


"A book of love, family bonds, confusion, reality and loss told with plenty of heart, Allegra in Three Parts is a crowd-pleaser... a tender-hearted debut from Australian author Suzanne Daniel that I highly recommend."

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